The best of model railroading, Manufacturers Big and Small at Trainfest

The manufacturers who participate in Trainfest bring their greatest products in model railroading for you to see, touch and examine. Each manufacturer is anxious to share tips and help you determine the products that best meet your modeling needs. Click on the company names below to read more about the Trainfest manufacturers.

Trainfest Manufacturers

Confirmed for 2016 indicated with *

Accu-Lites Inc *

Click here to visit Accu-Lites Inc website

Accurail Inc. *

Accurail Inc., founded in 1986, produces HO scale injection molded plastic freight car kits. Currently, the product line consists of more than 30 US-design rolling stock styles. Each year Accurail produces a special run car exclusively

for Trainfest. Click here to visit Accurail Inc. website.

Aero-Car Hobby Lubricant *

Aero-Car Hobby Lubricants supplies a line of lubricants for all gauges of trains. Lubricants are non-toxic and non-hazardous, yet supply the finest lubricating properties in the marketplace. Our motto is “More is Not Better”. ACT-6006, Track Cleaner, has been tested by many users and has been described as the best track cleaning solution available to the model train enthusiast.

Aero-Car Hobby Lubricants has been in business for over 15 years and we are located in Western Springs, IL. Our lubricants are available in many fine hobby shops, and available via the Internet for those users located a long distance from a hobby shop carrying our products. Click here to visit Aero-Car Hobby Lubricant website.

Atlas Model Railroad Co. *

For over 60 years, Atlas has been a leader in the world of model railroading. Atlas has its roots in model railroad track and accessory making through invention, innovation and ingenuity. We have a proud reputation as a family-owned business and are well-known for quality and excellence.

Atlas currently manufactures track, locomotives, rolling stock and structures in N, HO and O scales. You can find our products on the shelves of hobby stores throughout the world or order them directly from our online store. For more information on our products or to find the latest releases we have to offer, please visit us on the web at

Click here to visit the Atlas Model Railroad Co. website.

Bachmann Trains *

Since 1833, Bachmann has been known for providing quality products at an affordable price. As the world’s largest manufacturer of train sets, locomotives, track and accessories, we offer a complete selection for both beginning and experienced modelers. Many first-time hobbyists enjoy the ease of using our ready-to-run train sets that typically include a locomotive, several cars, a layout of E-Z Track®, and easy-to-follow instructions. Bachmann is one of the few train companies to offer products in all four of the most popular scales: N, HO, O, and G (or Large Scale). We offer locomotives in a choice of DCC-ready, DCC-equipped, and DCC sound-equipped models. Young engineers will especially enjoy our licensed Thomas & Friends™ and Chuggington™ electric train sets and separate sale items. For children of all ages, we bring the circus to town with our Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey™ products.

Click here to visit the Bachmann Trains website.

Broadway Limited *

Broadway is a company that relishes in producing models that continually exceed our customers’ expectations. Our accurate locomotives, passenger cars, and rolling stock feature suburb operation and sound.

Click here to visit the Broadway Limited website.

Chooch Enterprises Inc *

Chooch makes highly detailed scenic walls, abutments, tunnel portals and loads. Chooch has been serving the model railroad business since 1975. We are known for our attention to detail and quality scenery products.

Click here to visit the Chooch Enterprises Inc website.

Clever Models LLC *

Clever Models LLC manufacturers a number of “photo-realistic” materials. Photo-realism describes images that while completely flat, appear to the eye as 3D to the point that you need to touch them to realize they are not real 3D objects.

Our line of kits produces buildings that appear extremely well detailed, even though they are merely folded and layered paper.

Our texture products give you sheets of photo-realistic material, such as clapboard, tar-paper, bricks, steel sheets, etc. used to enhance existing models or scratch-build new ones. Our kit products are available as files on a DVD, to be printed out by the customer, and are generally grouped by type such as, Wood Buildings, Steel Buildings, Brick Buildings, etc. All kits and texture products are available in O, S, HO and N scales.

Click here to visit the Clever Models LLC website.

Digitrax *

Founded in 1993, Digitrax manufactures digital DCC products and accessories for all scales. There are items available for everyone, from beginners to pros. They’re perfect for model railroaders who want complete train control without breaking the budget.

Click here to visit the Digitrax website.

Evans Designs *

We provide hobbyists with a variety of LED lighting options. All of our LEDs are pre-wired with the appropriate circuitry for easy hookup to model train power supplies. Our LEDs come in sizes from 1mm to 6mm, and in many colors.

Our LED Kits simulate a variety of features such as Fire, Welding, a Lighthouse lamp and a FRED kit (Flashing End of Train Kit). Our newest line of LEDs is called Chips, with a flat profile, they take up very little space. These are available in both individual LEDs and a string of lights suited for many uses. We also have a variety of wire spools, wired pin connectors and pre-wired switches.

Click here to visit the Evans Designs website.

ExactRail *

For ExactRail, product development accuracy and detail are the most important elements in producing prototype replicas. Their HO and N scale products are categorized into three product series: Platinum, Evolution and Express.

Click here to visit the ExactRail website.

Fox Valley Models *

Fox Valley Models was started in 2007 to offer unique, quality models to the discerning modeler. We offer Locomotives, Freight Cars, Passenger Cars and Caboose models in both HO and N Scales. Our models reflect a high level of detail that comes from a genuine passion for the hobby. Born and raised in Wisconsin, many of our models are inspired by trains that ran throughout the Midwest. The products replicate real trains from the 1930s through the latest rolling stock on the rails today.

Click here to visit the Fox Valley Models website.

Heritage Art Editions *

Heritage Art Editions specializes in transportation art (trains, planes, automobiles, ships, etc.) by artists such as David Snyder, Jack Schmitt, Rudy Sparkuhl, Rene Tinsley, Larry Fisher, Wentworth Folkins, Ray Davidson, Cliff Kearns, Edward Schaefer and Jonathon Hayes.

Click here to visit Heritage Art Editions website.

Hornby America *

Hornby America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hornby Hobbies from the UK. As such we are the importer/distributor of the various Hornby Hobbies lines – Hornby rail, Airfix plastic model kits, Humbrol paint, Corgi diecast, Scalextric 1/32 slot cars, Pocher 1/8 scale diecast, Rivarossi American outline rail, and the Arnold American outline rail.

Hornby America offers the American outline range of Rivarossi HO scale model railroad items (locomotives and rolling stock); along with the American outline range of Arnold N scale model railroad items (initially locomotives). We also offer a limited selection of Hornby UK OO track which is compatible with America code 100 HO track.

Click here to visit the Hornby America website.

Hunterline *

Hunterline has offered easy-to-build classic wooden model kits since 1994. Their line includes trestle bridges, portals, tunnel liners, snow sheds and more. These kits are accurately scaled, include easy instructions, and are aimed toward both novices and experts alike.

Click here to visit the Hunterline website.

Inter Mountain Railway Co *

InterMountain Railway Company (IRC) is a manufacturer of finely detailed model train rolling stock and locomotives. Specializing in HO, N, and Z scales, IRC has 100’s of different models available, along with an extensive line of kits, parts, accessories, and wheel sets.

Distributed directly through our authorized dealer network, IRC ships to hundreds of dealers across North America and around the world each month. IRC also distributes other manufacturers items making them conveniently available to dealers and consumers alike.

Click here to visit the Inter Mountain Railway Co website.

Kadee Quality Products Co. *

Kadee is the ALL American Made Family owned Model RR company that created the Magne-Matic® Metal Knuckle coupler developed over 60 years ago by Keith & Dale Edwards (Kadee).  (We continue to design, cut all our own molds and dies). We use in plastic injection molding and die-casting departments while designing one off machines to assist in assembling couplers, RTR cars and accessories.  With seven different departments under one roof in White City, OR, Kadee employs over 25 full time employees working from Marketing, R&D, Sales & Information, Plastics, Die-casting, Assembly, Machine shop, Paint & Print to Shipping and Receiving. Truly the ALL American Made Model Railroad Company for over 67 years serving Authorized Dealers, Distributors and modelers who, want and need the very best!

Click here to visit the Kadee Quality Products Co. website.

Kalmbach Publishing *

Kalmbach Publishing Company produces five railroad-related magazines. Model Railroader magazine was founded in 1934 and remains the largest circulation magazine in its field, with stories about building, enhancing, and operating model railroads in different scales. Trains magazine has covered real-life railroading monthly since 1940 and also is the largest circulation magazine in its field. Classic Trains magazine, published quarterly, focuses on railroad stories and photographs of the classic era: the 1940s through 1960s. Classic Toy Trains magazine appeals to enthusiasts of new and old Lionel, MTH, and other O gauge model trains as well as S gauge American Flyer trains. Garden Railways magazine is the only magazine of its type in the United States and appeals to hobbyists building outdoor Large scale railroads amid various landscapes across North America. Kalmbach Books is respected for publishing several Toy Train price guides, The Tourist Train Guidebook and multiple train titles throughout the year authored by top experts in the industry.

Click here to visit the Kalmbach Publishing website.

Kato USA *

KATO U.S.A. has come to be known for their precision HO and N scale model railroad products. KATO, established in 1986, is also universally known for UNITRACK, a track and roadbed integrated into a single piece, complete with nickel-silver rail and realistic roadbed.

Click here to visit the Kato USA website.

Lights 4 Models *

We sell products for modelers who are in the process of detailing their layout in all scales. We offer LED’s in 6 different sizes and 8 different colors which come with resistor, capacitor, and rectifier – completely assembled and ready to install. Lights4Models also offers special LED’s that create special effects such as fire, welding, vehicle lights, tower lights, etc. We also carry a complete line of Miller Signs which are animated neon signs for all scales, and come alive.

Click here to visit the Lights 4 Models website.

Lionel LLC *

Lionel, founded in 1900, is one of the oldest model train manufacturers and has long been known for the iconic image of the model train circling the Christmas tree. Most Lionel gauges are O or O-27, they also make S scale and Large scale.

Click here to visit the Lionel LLC website.

Lunde Studios *

Lunde Studios offers architecturally accurate city structure kits.  All kit parts are hand-poured in the USA in high quality tooling resin, a material that allows for exceptionally crisp detail and ease in modeling.  Designs and patterns are created by well-known Bob Lunde.

Lunde Studios is the third model railroad company created and operated by Bob and Lynn Lunde, husband and wife team who say they’ve been in the industry since shortly after the earth cooled.  All three companies have involved structure kit design and production because of Bob’s background in architecture.  The first company was Magnuson Models, begun in 1976 and sold in 1982.  The second was DPM (Design Preservation Models), begun in 1984 and sold in 1993.  Lunde Studios began as a layout building enterprise, but creating custom structures for layouts led to full time structure kit production once again.  Personnel include only Bob and Lynn and one part time kit packer.  Bob handles all product development and production related activities in a shop building in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Lynn takes care of customer contact and all paper and computer activities, working in her home office nestled in the Ozark hills.

Click here to visit the Lunde Studios website.

Marklin Inc. *

Märklin, Inc. is the North American subsidiary of Gebr. Märklin & Cie. GmbH founded in 1859, located in Göppingen, Germany.  Märklin’s product lines include; H0 electric model trains & accessories, Digital multi-train control system, My World battery trains & accessories (H0 scale for children 3+), Start Up entry level electric model trains & accessories (H0 scale for children 8+), Z electric model trains & accessories (scale 1:220), 1 Gauge electric model trains & accessories (scale 1:32), and LGB large scale garden trains & accessories (G scale). All of our products are distributed by Heartland Hobby Wholesale and Walthers, and sold to retailers.

Click here to visit the Marklin Inc. website.

Model RR Hobbyist Magazine *

 MRH Media is a full-spectrum publisher of model railroading media – we publish a monthly magazine, provide a monthly internet TV show (TrainMasters TV), as well as publish and sell books, eBooks, and DVDs on the hobby. Our products are scale-independent – they’re relevant for all scales. MRH Media will be providing some exciting new episodes on TrainMasters TV, including a special update on George Sellios’ Franklin and South Manchester. MRH Media publishes Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine (MRH), an all-digital, ad-supported, and totally free-to-read magazine. MRH Media also provides TrainMasters TV, a network-TV quality video show about model railroading.

Click here to visit the Model RR Hobbyist Magazine website.

Model Rectifier Corp *

Model Rectifier Corporation was founded over 65 years ago by Roy Gelber. It all started with his idea of using rectifiers in train transformers.  MRC now manufactures and distributes transformers, DCC, Model Power and Mantua trains, JTT scenery, MRC Chargers, Academy, Accurate Miniatures and more!

Click here to visit the Model Rectifier Corp website.

Model Tech Studios *

Model Tech Studios LLC is a leader in the industry of super detailing parts and craftsman and custom structures, 3D backgrounds and vehicles. They have released their Scale Figure lines, figures never before produced for layouts. Model Tech Studios offers Model Railroad Kits and Detail accessories for N Scale, HO Scale, S Scale and O Scale Model Railroaders worldwide. New Model Railroad Designs are released every month to create the most detailed Model Railroad Scenery and Layouts. For more information, visit

Click here to visit the Model Tech Studios website.

Motrak Models *

Motrak Models started in 2003 in Massachusetts. Today, the company makes over 300 freight car loads, more than 10 structure kits, and is an authorized dealer for Scalecoat Paint products.

MTH Electric Trains *

Celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2015, M.T.H. Electric Trains has released more new O Scale, Tinplate, One Gauge, HO Scale and now S Gauge model trains and accessories than any of its competitors. Featuring the industry’s highest quality ready-to-run starter sets, M.T.H. products come loaded with digital sound and control features in traditional railroad liveries and popular branded themes including M&M’s, Miller-Coors, Anheuser-Busch, and more.

As an innovative market leader, M.T.H. products have long been lauded for their use of modern technology to expand and nurture the hobby of model railroading.  In addition to starter sets, separate sale locomotives and rolling stock, M.T.H. produces multiple track lines in each of the scales and gauges we target along with power supplies, command control systems and ready-to-run structures.

Over 1,100 authorized retailers promote and sell M.T.H. products.  Obtain your digital or printed catalog, locate a nearby retailer or obtain the latest M.T.H. product news on M.T.H. by visiting

Click here to visit the MTH Electric Trains website.

Ross Custom Switches *

Since 1972, RCS has been selling O gauge turnouts, and has expanded to offer different track sizes, and over 45 different switches and crossings. Every track and switch is handmade using tinplated steel rail.

Click here to visit the Ross Custom Switches website. *™ is an upstart manufacturer founded by a team with more than 125 years of experience in the model railroad hobby and Industry. We are currently developing several Innovative ScaleTrains™ models including locomotives, freight cars, and vehicles.

When we reveal our first new product announcements at Trainfest, we’ll have everything from a value-conscious HO scale freight car kit to an HO scale locomotive worthy of being exhibited in an American history museum. We’ll have something for N Scalers too. All models will have painted and decorated models on display.

Click here to visit the website.

Sinbad Glue *

We have been in the glue business for 19 years. We sell CA Glue (liquid & gel) the only glue that works on plastic polyethylene & polypropylene. It won’t dry up in the bottle and dries clear! Our other products include glue guns for big jobs, fabric glue, Ginger scissors, and Museum Gel (temporary tack). Our German glue is a medical grade so it is easily liked and can be used in households, businesses and recreational.

Click here to visit the Sinbad Glue website.

Soundtraxx/Blackstone *

SoundTraxx has been designing and manufacturing the latest in state-of-the-art sound systems for the discriminating model railroader since 1990. They are a pioneer in developing advanced Digital Command Control (DCC) technologies that add more fun to model railroading. Their DCC products enhance the realism of operating sessions with true-to-life sounds, brilliant lighting effects, and advanced motor control.

SoundTraxx also produces a line of DCC motor and lighting decoders, as well as a multi-train layout sound system called SurroundTraxx. To complement their decoders, SoundTraxx offers an assortment of miniature speakers and baffle kits, as well as lighting and installation aids.

In 2004, SoundTraxx launched their Blackstone Model division to design and produce ready-to-run HOn3 models, snap-together track, and accessories.

Click here to visit the Soundtraxx/Blackstone website.

Sundance Marketing *

Sundance marketing has been making the highest quality railroad pins and patches for 28 years.

Click here to visit the Sundance Marketing website.

Tangent Scale Models *

Since 2007, Tangent Scale Models continues to offer high-quality, well-researched, and smartly-executed HO scale replicas of North American freight equipment spanning from 1937 to present. Our HO replicas include highly correct “true to life” colors, “hyper-accurate” lettering, stand-off ladders, wire grab irons and coupler lift bars, and separate air hoses.  Most of our products include road-specific details.  Finally, our models come with free-rolling metal wheels, scale-head Kadee couplers, and proper weighting so the models operate as good as they look.

Click here to visit the Tangent Scale Models website.

Rust-Oleum/Testors *

Since 1929, The Testor Corporation has remained the world’s leading source for hobby & craft finishing products – paints, airbrushes, adhesives, brushes, tools and accessories. Quality Testors® brands include Aztek®, Model Master™, and CreateFX™. Model Master™ and CreateFX™ products are excellent for painting and weathering model railroad locomotives, rolling stock, structures and scenery. Specially formulated for plastics, Model Master’s Metalizer™ paints – in both buffing and non-buffing colors – accurately replicate virtually any metallic finish.

Rugged, maintenance-free Aztek® airbrushes remain the world’s most user-friendly airbrush system. Patented, quick-change nozzles and accessories let you effortlessly switch among spray patterns, media, and applications. Large areas or fine detail, one Aztek® does the work of several other “traditional” airbrushes. Quality Testors® cements, glues, tools, and accessories are excellent for craft and hobby projects.

Click here to visit the Testor Corp website.

White River Productions *

White River Productions is a national leader in the field of railroad-related publishing. Our publications serve historical societies, railfans, and modelers alike in providing the highest quality images and articles possible, and covering various railroads across North America and their long and important histories.

White River productions produces Model Railroad News (monthly), Passenger Train Journal (quarterly), and Railroads Illustrated (monthly). Each of these publications reaches niche markets with very dedicated followers.

White River Productions is currently producing 22 historical society magazines plus calendars, books, and other peripheral items such as membership brochures, advertising rate cards, annual meet announcements, and ballots.

The full slate of production and membership services offered by White River Productions, as well as our track record of stimulating growth within the societies we serve, has set the company apart as the go-to solution for railroad historical society publishing and behind-the-scenes membership secretary services.

White River Productions has grown to become one of the leading publishers of historical railroad material, producing more pages of railroad-related material than any other publisher in the world.

Click here to visit the White River Productions website. 

Wm. K Walthers *

Founded in Milwaukee in 1932 by William (Bill) Walthers, and now in its third generation of family ownership, Wm. K. Walthers, Inc., is dedicated to manufacturing and distributing high-quality model railroad equipment in various scales. Walthers represents over 300 domestic and international suppliers and serves model railroaders and hobby shops around the world, offering the largest selection of products for model train enthusiasts in the industry.

Click here to visit the Wm. K Walthers website.

Woodland Scenics *

Woodland Scenics, along with its PineCar and Scene-A-Rama divisions, manufactures model scenery, gravity-driven pinewood racecars and educational arts and crafts. For almost 40 years, Woodland Scenics has been considered the prime innovator-inventor of realistic model scenery and continues to lead the industry in developing and manufacturing model scenery products.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction inspires our innovation and fuels our determination to offer the best in quality-tested products. We make most of our products in America, manufactured and/or packaged in Linn Creek, Missouri.

Woodland Scenics offers a broad range of railroad modeling kits and individual products, including complete systems for building lightweight layouts, roadbed, creating terrain understructure, earth contours and rock formations, landscape and trees, buildings, decals and graphics, rail and truck maintenance, and others.

Click here to visit the Woodland Scenics website.

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