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Trainfest is the largest weekend event at Wisconsin State Fair Park’s Expo Center.

This year more than 70 layouts from all over the U.S. will be joining the Trainfest excitement. Aside from the number of railroads on display, layouts differ in railroad scales – from large G scale railroads which are one of the largest scales available, also known as “Garden Scale”, to the smallest scale available, the Z scale, which can fit into a guitar case. It makes for a unique railroad experience that you don’t want to miss.

We are pleased to introduce you to our featured layout operators here.

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New Layouts for 2017

Run the Trains at These Layouts

O Scale Layouts

HO Scale Layouts

N Scale Layouts

Z Scale Layouts

  • Royal Train Layout *

S Scale Layouts

Standard Gauge Layouts

Specialty Scale Layouts

G Scale Layouts

Full List of Trainfest Model Railroad Layouts

This is your only chance this year to play and watch trains all day-long.

Not all trains at Trainfest are moving—these are the trains we call displays. These models depict historical settings, fantasy railroads or even the future in the still life. Displays can be fun to look at because some are so exact and so perfectly to scale they help you understand what all goes into the hobby and how talented modelers really are.

Here’s the list of exhibitors with displays:

* Indicates Confirmed for Trainfest 2017
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Come to Trainfest to see what top-notch layouts look like.


A quick look around will remind you that railroads have had a huge impact on American history, which is obviously why there are so many clubs and societies honoring them. We can thank the leaders and members of these organizations for preserving that history so that we can all benefit.

Thanks to the historical societies we’ve learned more about the railroad industry and can truly appreciate the heritage they treasure. See which groups are coming to Trainfest.

* Indicates Confirmed for Trainfest 2017
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