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2016 Trainfest News

Trainfest 2016 Fact Sheet

2015 Trainfest News

Trainfest 2015 Brings Together the Best of Model Railroading

As Seen On CBS 58 Thousands Come Aboard for Sprawling Trainfest 2015

As Seen On WTMJ4 Trainfest returns to Milwaukee

Trainfest on the Morning Blend WTMJ4

As Seen In: Chicago Tribune Midwest Events Nov. 1

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Trainfest on track to host country’s largest railroad show

MetroParent Magazine: Explore 2015 Trainfest at the Wisconsin State Fair Park

November 2015: Trainfest 2015 Fact Sheet

November 2015: Trainfest 2015 Celebrating the Best of the Model Railroading Hobby

November 2015: Trainfest the Destination for Train Fans of All Ages

July 2015: Trainfest 2015 to Feature Expanded Kids’ Activity Zone

July 2015: Trainfest Brings More Clinics and Manufacturers Than Ever Before

January 2015: Save the Date Trainfest 2015

2014 Trainfest News

Watch for us on…

The Morning Blend (TMJ4) at 9am on November 6, 2014. We’ll be talking trains.

With Laura Langemo during the Fox6 “Wake Up Milwaukee” on November 7, 2014  between 7-9a.

On the WTMJ4 noon news on November 7, 2014 with Vince Vintrano.

Did you see us in The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on November 2?

Find us on Travel Wisconsin and Visit Milwaukee.

November 2014: Trainfest 2014 Post Show Release

October 2014: Get Hands on with Trains at Trainfest 2014

September 2014: Trainfest 2014 to be Largest Trainfest Ever – Families

September 2014: Trainfest 2014 to be Largest Trainfest Ever – Hobbyists

May 2014: Friday Product Showcase Release

May 2014: Friday Product Showcase Fact Sheet

March 2014: Planning on Track for Trainfest 2014

March 2014 – Model Railroader Jaglinski to take over as Trainfest chair

January 2014 – Model Railroader  Tews steps down as Trainfest director

2013 Trainfest News

Fox6November 2013 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Trainfest’s family fun rolls into State Fair Park

November 2013 – Fox6 Trainfest draws thousands to State Fair Park’s Expo Center

November 2013 – TMJ4 Live at Daybreak: Trainfest

November 2013 – TMJ4 Morning Blend: TrainfestMorningBlend


November 2013: Trainfest Welcomes the Next Generation of Model Train Enthusiasts

November 2013: Spirit of Model Railroading Award Recognizes Two Model Railroading Legacy Companies

October 2013: Experience America’s Largest Operating Model Railroad Show

July 2013: Trainfest Showcases Top Notch Operating Railroads

July 2013: Trainfest Fact Sheet

2013 Trainfest Friday Product Showcase Release

2013 Friday Product Showcase Fact Sheet

2012 Trainfest News

November 12, 2012; Trainfest 2012 Sets New Total Attendance Record

Trainfest Adds NEW Kids’ Activity Zone with Concert Series

Walthers Sponsors Choo Choo Bob at Trainfest 2012

Article in November Issue of Boomers Magazine

June 2012; Friday Product Showcase Release

2012 Friday Product Showcase Fact Sheet

2011 Trainfest News

November 17, 2011; Trainfest 2011 Attendance Record and Award Winners

2011 Fact Sheet

September 2011; Trainfest 2011 Early Release

September 2011; Trainfest 2011 Early Release

2010 Trainfest News

November 17, 2010; Trainfest 2010 Award Winners Release

November 14, 2010; All Time Attendance Record

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