IMG_0426Those who have yet to visit Trainfest often have questions. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Q.)  What is Trainfest?
A.) Trainfest, a celebration of model railroading, is held annually on the second weekend of November at the WI State Fair Park. Although it may sound like it’s just for train experts, Trainfest is an event truly designed for everyone. The second weekend each November, thousands of model railroad buffs, families, and all other types of railroad fans meet at Trainfest to marvel at more than 70 unique running railroads–the heart and soul of the hobby. New products from dozens of manufacturers are on display and available for purchase.

Q.)  What is the largest layout at Trainfest?
A.)  This year it looks to be the LGB Model RR Club of Chicago, measuring 70′ x 45′.

Q.)  How much is admission to Trainfest?
A.)  Adults: $15; Kids 4-12: $5; Kids 3 & Under: FREE. Two-Day tickets are also available Adults Two-Day: $20 Kids Two-Day $6, click here for more information about Trainfest Tickets. Discounted advanced show tickets can be purchased online or at participating hobby shops through Friday, November 10, 2017.

Q.)  Is Trainfest stroller and wheelchair friendly?
A.)  Absolutely. We’ve intentionally designed our show with wide aisles to cater to such needs.

Q.)  Are the layouts placed too high for my kids to see?
A.)  Most of our layouts are at a height viewable by kids. Some are even built to be low off the ground. But to be safe, we encourage you to bring a little step stool for your tots.

Q.)  Do any visitors or exhibitors dress in train conductor attire?
A.) You will certainly see your share of overalls and engineer hats. Feel free to wear yours as well!

Q.)  Is Trainfest only for collectors and model train enthusiasts?
A.)  Not at all! Trainfest is an experience to be enjoyed by all. Whether you’re a family with kids or an avid model railroader looking for new ideas, Trainfest is for you. Click here to learn more of what Trainfest is all about.

Q.)  I have asthma. Should I be concerned about large amounts of model train smoke?
A.)  We’re not doctors, but we can tell you that while the smoke is very realistic, it’s not considered harmful by the manufacturers. To our knowledge, there have been no issues.

Q.)  What’s the difference between a “layout” and a “module”?IMG_0434
A.)  A module is a specific scene based on a real place or an original creation that features a crossing railroad track. A layout is an assemblage of numerous different modules pieced together to form one large cohesive composition. Layouts can contain any number of modules.

Q.)  Why is Trainfest in Milwaukee?
A.)  Model train hobbyists have a long history in Milwaukee. The National Model Railroading Association (NMRA) established itself in Milwaukee in 1935. Over time, members of the Wisconsin Southeastern (WISE) division of the NMRA developed an annual single-day railroading show for all local model train hobbyists. In 1972, the first ever Trainfest was held on 6th Street in Downtown Milwaukee. This single-day event grew rapidly in participation and attendance, and has now developed into America’s Largest Operating Model Railroad Show. In 2011 Trainfest celebrated its 40th anniversary and we look forward to many future anniversaries in this great city.

Q.)  Are children allowed at Trainfest?
A.)  Absolutely! While the Friday Product Showcase preview event limits guests ages 18 and over, our doors are open to train fans of all ages on Saturday and Sunday. We warmly welcome families and offer ample room for strollers, activities for children, and exhibits viewable by all.

Q.) When will Trainfest take place in 2018?
A.)Trainfest is usually scheduled for the second weekend in November each year. In 2018 Trainfest will be held on November 10th & 11th.

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