The Chicago & North Western

The Beginning of a Trainfest Tradition

In 2015 Trainfest started a brand new and exciting tradition, celebrating a different railroad each year.

In the program’s inaugural year, Trainfest celebrated the Chicago & North Western System in conjunction with the C&NW Historical Society, the Milwaukee Historical Society, and the MSOE Grohmann Museum. Learn about the history of the C&NW by walking through the museum quality photo display documenting the past of this railroad and the people who ran, worked, and rode the C&NW.

A phenomenal piece of artwork was commissioned by Trainfest for the show. The painting features the Milwaukee Depot and the C&NW.


C&NW Original Painting

“The 400s Grace Milwaukee’s Lake Front”

Here is a brief synopsis of the scene….

The artwork will highlight the Twin Cities 400. On track number one under the train shed is a 3-car heavy weight local which is bound for Madison, Wisconsin. the Cities 400 is just arriving on track two. The clock on the tower will read 4:15 PM once the hands are put onto the clock. Running a bit late the C&NW’s Peninsula 400 is just departing for Chicago on track number three. Outside of the train shed, on track number four, will be a streamlined 4-6-2 steam engine with a string of head end cars. On the outside group of yard tracks there will be the C&NW switcher #1001 shuffling cars around.

A phenomenal piece of artwork has been commissioned by Trainfest for the show. Prints and cards of the artwork are available for purchase through Heritage Art Editions.