Celebrate the Rich History


Trainfest proudly honors the contribution railroads have made to history. The Celebrate-a-Railroad program turns the spotlight on one railroad by offering special issue collectibles and by creating an original high-quality historical exhibit with plenty of photos. 

Trainfest 2018


Creators have combed through the archives of the Great Northern Railway to design this year’s Celebrate-a-Railroad Display. 

Get a sneak peek at a few of the 32 panels of this spectacular display.

Commemorative Items Celebrating the Great Northern

Trainfest 2018 Limited Run - Great Northern Boxcar GN18337

Trainfest 2018 Pin

Trainfest 2018 Plaque

Interested in Learning More About The Great Northern Railway?

Visit the Great Northern Railway Historical Society Website

Check out the preview for the upcoming documentary about James J. Hill

Celebrate-a-Railroad Exhibits are Available for Rent

Each display consists of 32 panels (72” H x 36” W) printed on foam core with Velcro mounting tabs on the back. Rental is $250 per 10-week period. Any group requesting the exhibit is responsible for covering shipping to and from Milwaukee, and must have insurance. Fill out the form below for more information.

Celebrate-a-Railroad Display Request