Trainfest | America's Largest Operating Model Railroad Show Amazing Layouts. Enormous Fun. Endless Discovery
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Saturday, Nov. 8 &
          Sunday, Nov. 9, 2014
          Wisconsin State Fair Park

Top 10 Reasons to Attend Trainfest

Anyone who has ever attended Trainfest over its 40+ year history already knows the many reasons to make the trip again in 2014. For those who have yet to experience all that is Trainfest, here’s what many hobbyists and model train fans tells us are the top reasons to attend …

1. Model Trains: This may seem a bit obvious, but the wide array of impressive models on display is something you really have to experience in person to fully appreciate. You will be amazed. There is no other place you can view more than 60 unique model railroad layouts–all under one roof and all operational!

2. The Hobby: It’s a great hobby and if you ask, virtually every exhibitor will encourage you to pursue it. Many of our show goers are avid modelers with years of experience and they too will chime in with their encouragement.

3. Demonstrations: Expert modelers offer informational and “how-to” clinics that serve as a great starting point for new hobbyists and a welcome refresher for returning experts.

4. Camaraderie: Trainfest provides a fantastic environment for hobbyists of all experience levels to exchange tips and ideas, and work together to achieve a common goal. In fact, many of the railroad layouts on exhibit are the result of a group of hobbyists working as a team or through a club.

5. Friendship: In addition to finding like-minded hobbyists who are eager to work with you on upcoming or ongoing projects, Trainfest provides numerous opportunities to make new friends. For some, it’s an annual pilgrimmage. They find Trainfest offers a friendly, welcoming and social atmosphere.

6. Education: Everything Trainfest does is centered around education. From the history drawn upon in the making of the railroads on exhibit to the in-depth articles in Trainfest EXPRESS, Trainfest is about making learning fun. It’s about demonstrations. It’s about offering a place for historical entities to share the importance of railroading to our communities and heritage.

7. Family Activity: It’s a wholesome entertainment option for the entire family. At Trainfest, you’ll find railroads and activities that appeal to each member of the family–even a teenager has been known to smile at Trainfest.

8. Activities for Kids: You can feel comfortable knowing that kids will be actively engaged at every turn in the entire exhibit hall. There are lower exhibits to provide our shorter guests with an opportunity to get a nicer view of a layout and some of the railroads let kids take a turn operating. There are some kid-specific activities, such as racing trains on a dog bone-shaped track, and an indoor Circus Train (add’l fee) that kids can ride.

9. Hobby Products: You will find a wide range of train related products available for purchase at Trainfest. Manufacturers and hobby shops from across the U.S. and vendors from around the world, come to Trainfest with hundreds of unique items for hobbyists of all ages and skill levels. Many a hobbyist finds an exceptional deal too.

10. Fun: What more can we say, this word says it all. Trainfest is a wonderful weekend event with something for everyone. So come and join in the fun!

If you have questions about Trainfest, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions or simply send us an email. We look forward to seeing you at Trainfest 2014 in Milwaukee, November 8& 9!