Trainfest | America's Largest Operating Model Railroad Show Amazing Layouts. Enormous Fun. Endless Discovery
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Saturday, Nov. 8 &
          Sunday, Nov. 9, 2014
          Wisconsin State Fair Park


Trainfest offers a variety of clinics and demonstrations on-site during the show. To get a glimpse of the type and quality of clinics and demos, check out an issue or two of our Trainfest Express newsletters. There are some great “How-to” features from some of our clinic/demo presenters.

Clinics/Demos from Trainfest 2013.

Niagara Frontier Region – NMRA

David R Smith Recycling items from the model railroad
Andrew Taylor Scratch building structure,”Gilbert Point Cove light house”
Rodger Davidson Scratch Building stock pens from wood
Paul Anderson Kit bashing a 3 car garage into 3 small shops
Don Bernat Creating small dioramas on old DVD discs
Les Kauffeldt A clinic on making scenery
Mike Walker Building a large bridge modeled after a prototype in Niagara Falls
Dolf Roelofsen Creating a diorama in a shoe box
Martin Alborough Speed matching dis similar locos for DCC operations
Peter Hocking Trees and more complicated Trees
Bob Douglas Bars Mills kit Fenster Farm
Ron Colpitts Learn how to build resin kits
Rick Hatton Rebuilding older shorty passenger cars
Al Crisp MMR Kit bashing steam era freight cars
Eric Roth Working on a scratch built NYC coaling tower and model vehicles
Bill Dewar Decaling HO scale freight cars
Stephan Wood Working with N scale rolling stock
Paul Thompson Building freight cars from kits
Clark Kooning MMR Building a small bridge, and painting and making of rock molds
Brian Earl Building resin and metal N scale caboose kits
Neville Meades Building and displaying award winning scratch and kit buildings
Ann and Barry Laxton Operating an 8′ HO interactive switching puzzle. Different levels of skill and certificate for participants

A sampling of the local area modelers from Trainfest 2013

John Drechsler
Lloyd Steiner
Ron Gutzmer
David Karkowski
Bill Bedell
Mike Carlson
Ken Jaglinski
Dale Timm
Ted & Sue Jansen
George Nefstead
John Dornfeld